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Block Shooter

In this game, you control a white block using the ARROW KEYS and you need to shoot using the SPACE key against the red blocks. If they pass through you and you don't destroy them, it will decrease you life. If your lifebar decreases totally, you lose the game. Also, you can shoot other colorful blocks to get bonus score and other types of shots.

I developed this game in order to study the concepts of HTML5 Canvas and its potential to create animations and games.
I just used JavaScript to develop everything.

In addition, you can connect your Facebook account and share your score to your friends. (FB.Api)
(It's in Portuguese, but you still can have some fun with it!).


Project Details

Publish Date: June 04, 2016

Author: Gustavo Fernandes

Category: JavaScript

Tags: block shooter, shooter game, game


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