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Custom Statistics

This software was deployed in a website admin panel. It allows the admin user to verify all the basic statistics about the website access without the need of a Google account (in order to use along with Analytics).

Pie and line charts, as well as the initial data shown in the dashboard, tell the administrator compact information about hits and bounces over the whole website. The user may save all the stats in a CSV file. Graphs can be exported into PNG images as well.

Also, in case the administrator may choose to connect with a Google account, he/she can create a developer key that enables one more useful functionality: Geolocation.
In this feature, when the keys is fully syncronized with the software, all the users that have accessed the website and shared their locations will have their address data downloaded throughout Google Maps API.

Then, this address data will be updated into the local database for administration purposes. The administrators may see more details of the location by clicking on the map button located on the software. In this way, if the user is a store (for example), additional data can be discovered through the map such as phone numbers and emails.

  • Details:
    • Laravel 5.1 (PHP Framework)
    • Bootstrap 3.2 (CSS Framework)
    • ChartJS 2.0 (JS Chart API)
    • Google Maps API (JavaScript Map API)

Project Details

Publish Date: March 12, 2017

Author: Gustavo Fernandes

Category: PHP

Tags: seo, laravel, google, javascript, js

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