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Lofty Website Manager

This is an admin website, where the company can update its contents in the main website. All the website is responsive and the management is very easy. Also, many SisLab Admin features were reused, such as exportation to PDF and Excel, listing, etc.
  • Details:
    • Laravel 4 (PHP Framework)
    • Bootstrap 3 (CSS Framework)
  • Functionalities
    • Hardware inventory management
      • CRUD
      • Save the history of hardware maintenance
      • Generate official documents for hardware maintenance
      • Export tables to PDF and Excel files
    • User Control
      • Login history
      • Access permission (Admin, Technician, Common User)
    • Internal Chat
      • List of online users and their last access
      • Message history
    • Post-it dashboard
    • Error logs
    • System Maintenance

Project Details

Publish Date: June 05, 2016

Author: Gustavo Fernandes

Category: PHP

Tags: lofty, website, manager, admin

Client: Lofty

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